Safety at home

22, Feb 2022
Babies develop very quickly and before we know it, they are already curious and adventurous, discovering the world.
That’s why we must prepare our home in advance, taking into account the behaviors and curiosity of a healthy child.
We must look at the house through the child’s eyes, finding in each room the things that might attract his curiosity.
In the bedroom
The bed must be solid and stable, with no edges or elements that could trap or hurt the baby. The crates must have a minimum interior height of 60 cm, openings of less than 6 cm and a suitable mattress. It must comply with European safety standards.
Baby changing room
The furniture for changing the baby must be stable and have a raised edge.
For the baby’s change, you must have everything you need close to you, in order to be in constant contact with the baby (it only takes a second for the baby to roll over and fall).
They must always be suitable for the child’s developmental stage, and be available for play in safe conditions.
In the bath house
Prepare the bathroom for the baby’s bath. Check the temperature of the water before starting the bath and use suitable protective measures (bathtub suitable for the baby, non-slip mats,..)
In the kitchen
The kitchen presents several risks for a baby. That’s why:
– Close doors and drawers to prevent access to kitchen utensils (knives, plates, glass cups, etc.), food and cleaning materials;
– Pay attention to heat sources as they can cause burns (hot liquid food, handles of pots, pans or pans, the oven door, etc.).
– Pay attention to food heated in the microwave, as the containers are often lukewarm and the food they contain is boiling.
In the room
heating sources
It must prevent contact with fireplaces, radiators or other heating sources.
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