About us

UPABABY® rents equipment for babies in Portugal, since 2011, placing it at your disposal where and when you need it, with a view to making your life more comfortable.

Attentive to the needs of parents, living or travelling, who do not sacrifice the comfort and safety of their children, UPABABY® offers a wide range of quality products and recognized brands.

The service is totally flexible, allowing for short-term rental that makes travelling easier and lighter, as well as long-term rental so you do not have to invest in equipment that will be no longer needed rather soon.
Total flexibility is also in respect of delivery and pickup addresses, allowing you to choose any location in Mainland Portugal.

The products offered by UPABABY® are strictly selected and checked to ensure children's safety and well-being. They are always delivered in the best conditions and disinfected with products suitable for children's use.

Why rent baby equipment at UPABABY®?

On holiday trips, Sunday strolls and children's day-to-day life, several pieces of equipment are needed, which are often expensive or bulky and difficult to carry. UPABABY® provides you with the ability to get this equipment in the most convenient way, where and when you need it.

Baby equipment is often useful only for a short period of time. Renting this equipment allows you to give your baby the best equipment, knowing that you will have substantially saved money by returning it to UPABABY® after use, in comparison to how much you would have spent on buying the equipment.

How does it work?

It is a 4-simple step process:
  1. Choose the products you need
  2. Choose the payment method most convenient for you (Bank Transfer, Paypal)
  3. Choose the dates and addresses.
  4. Do the payment
After payment confirmation Upababy processes your order:

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