How to choose a Stroller | Baby stroller

22, Feb 2022

The stroller can be the parents’ best friend or a constant source of trouble and inconvenience if we choose the wrong model for us. There are many different models that adapt to different lifestyles. So, before buying, think about what type of use you will give to the cart to choose the one that best fits you and your baby.

When is time to choose it is essential to validate some important questions.


Baby stroller – features

  • Security

The safety of your child should be the biggest concern and, therefore, you must verify that the stroller belongs to a brand approved by European standards.

  • Structure

Make sure that the pushchair frame hangs well, in position, and that the braking mechanism is easy to use and does not fail accidentally when loading the child.

Check if the structure has any sharp edge or knobs. Baby’s little fingers can easily hold and injure between metal parts or springs.

Avoid also pushchairs with an opening of legs too wide, which enable the child slipping through it.

  • Stability

The stand should be stable and unlikely to tip over when in use.

  • Safety belts

The restraint is required and the safer, especially for babies who are long time in stroller, is the five-point harness that wraps around the waist and between legs and goes down on the shoulders. Make sure it is easy to open and is comfortable and safe for the child.

  • Brakes

Test the brakes before you buy. Must be easy to operate and completely block the wheels when necessary.

  • Maneuverability

A good stroller should be able to be pushed in a straight line and turned around with one hand.

If you have swivel wheels becomes easier to maneuver. Look for a structure with a swivel wheel braking mechanism that allows you to safely maneuver the stroller on uneven surfaces, providing, however, the necessary flexibility in tight spaces.

Try opening and closing the stroller before buying. You should be able to close and reopen the stroller in one or two steps while holding your baby. Make sure that the stroller has a locking device so that it does not close accidentally, and check that it fits in your vehicle with ease.

  • Suspension and wheels

Wheels with spokes of plastics do not hold up well. Opt for steel or aluminum hubs. Suspension systems are rarely available in medium weight carts, but heavyweight models can offer other types of springs or shock absorbers, which give your baby a more comfortable ride.

  • Height of handles

The handles must be fixed at the waist high of who pushes the stroller, or slightly below. Most strollers are designed for a woman of average height. If you do not fit this description search for a height-adjustable stroller.

  • Adjustable seat

The seat reclines? The newborns need a seat that reclines to a position almost flat until they have control of head and can sit, usually around 6 months. Even for babies and older children, a reclining seat is an advantage.

  • Cover

An adjustable hood protects baby from the sun, rain and wind and makes trips more comfortable.

  • Storage

A basket under the seat is a great help on shopping trips and to transport the baby equipment.

  • Quality fabric and washable

The fabric quality is also very important. Make sure that the shopping cart contains materials which are easy to remove and wash.


Baby stroller – Types

The stroller is required for most moms and dads. Before buying, consider where you live, where you expect moving with the stroller, and how much you want to spend.

There are 4 basic types of stroller:

  • Umbrella stroller:

It is light weight, folding easily transportable, safe, and offer additional amenities such as storage space. Fit anywhere. However, is not suitable for newborns and offer little lumbar support.

  • Standard baby stroller

It is a very tough stroller, compact, robust and long-lasting. Offer everything for convenience, features and facilities and have additional security features such as advanced braking system.

  • Travel stroller

Can be used as a travel amenity to move your child from one side to another.

  • Multiple stroller

If you have twins, a multiple baby stroller is the most suitable. However, this stroller is heavier, less nimble and more expensive than a standard stroller.

Each type of cart has its own advantages and disadvantages, both in usage patterns as in the templates. You must consider them all to decide which is the best baby stroller for your specific case.

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