How family and friends can help future mom living a healthy pregnancy

22, Feb 2022
Having a family or a pregnant friend can be an exciting time, especially if you follow closely. It is also a prelude to a massive change with the arrival of the baby. And yet, no one will probably give up the things that have always been made jointly.
Besides all the other pressures of daily life, the mothers have many things to think about during pregnancy – they may want to make some changes in their lifestyle to care for the baby. If you ever had kids you know that every pregnancy is different and may be different from yours.
Help your friend, sister or daughter to have a healthy pregnancy does not have to be difficult. And it will be much easier for a woman with your help – may even have benefits for you too!
Tips – things you can do together while she is pregnant
Help with shopping
Carrying heavy bags is especially hard when you already carry a baby! Moreover, it will be a great workout for your arms.
Reduce the amount of alcohol you drink
The best advice for pregnant women is not to drink alcohol. If the pregnant woman is accustomed to drinking with you, it may be more difficult. So join her not drinking because it will be a good help for her and for you too.
Stop Smoking
Smoking during pregnancy, or inhale smoke passively, can be like blowing smoke into the face of the baby. So if you always smoked together it can be the perfect time to stop together. Besides the obvious huge benefit you will save some money – you can use it to celebrate the arrival of baby!
Walk more
Walking for 150 minutes a week can help the mother and the growing baby stay healthy. Moreover, it is a great way to occupy free time together and get some exercise too.
Eat more healthy foods with her
She feels like eating things that does not usually eat? If you enjoy cooking, see what you can do together. You can even make in quantity and freeze some dishes – very useful when the baby comes.
All this may help to have a great start
Support your friend or family with all these things, can not only help you have a healthy and happy pregnancy, but also decrease the risk of postpartum depression.
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