Holiday Planning

22, Feb 2022
Traveling with your baby can be a very rewarding experience. For this is important to set expectations, draw realistic goals, plan and perform numerous tasks in a timely manner.
So, here is a list of important questions to validate previously:
• Verify and obtain passports, if necessary

• Verify if vaccinations are required for the chosen destination

• Verify and obtain visas, if required
• Plan and implement changes in your baby’s routine.

• Is the time to make major changes to the routine of the child, such as the use of potty, or transition from crib to a bed.

• Separate some small toys that your child likes to play, so that when they appear during the holidays, are shown as long-lost friends.

• Make a list of what you need to take.

• Start preparing everything.

• Make sure that your children rest well and give them fluids, along with their favorite lighter food (not too greasy).

• Children can enjoy preparing their own bags of toys, books and snacks for the trip.
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