Baby Equipment rental Portugal

22, Feb 2022
Baby Equipment rental Portugal

If you are planning to visit Portugal with your family, baby equipment rental Portugal is essential to plan a lighter and more comfortable trip to our beautiful country. In addition, the rental avoids carrying heavy equipment with you during the trip, which is sometimes lost or delayed in the trip, causing a lot of annoyance in a period that is for relaxation. The rental also offers quality and variety of equipment suitable for the age of your baby.

Do not forget that some equipment is mandatory by Portuguese law, such as the car seat. Car seats are intended for all children traveling by private transport from birth to 135 cm in height or 12 years of age (Article 55 of the Highway Code).

Baby Equipment rental Portugal

In Portugal the car seats are classified by the  following categories, available to rent at Upababy:

But Upababy have many other baby equipment to rent Portugal, such as:

And toys, rockers, ans many ither things.

Where the rented equipment can be delivered and collected?

Upababy delivers and collects in Hotels, hostels and many addresses in mainland Portugal (contact us).

Also, upababy delivers and collects at Lisbon and Oporto airports.


When the order should be placed?

Our advice is to place the order well in advance in order to be able to choose the equipment you want, as well as the place, day and time you want the equipment to be delivered and collected.


Check: How is the final rental price made up on Upababy

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Baby equipment rental in Portugal is available at and it allows you to rent a car seat, rent a stroller, rent a pushchair in Lisbon for periods of time from 1 to 7 days, 8 to 14 days and 15 to 28 days. If you need baby equipment rental in Lisbon for a period longer than that, you should contact Upababy by email [email protected]

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