22, Fév 2022
How to give the happy news to friends
Whether the pregnancy was planned or a complete surprise, telling the great news to friends can be intimidating. But it is almost certain that they will give you support and may even have even have already guessed.
Work and day-to – day tasks
One can not underestimate the power of the “baby brain”. From one moment to the next cleaning the house or recording the TV series can become a great emotional nightmare. Pregnant women so quickly are euphoric as the next moment are very sad. Even the quietest women probably go through this roller coaster of emotions at some point. It is important not to worry excessively, face situations with some levity and blaming the hormones. However, if you are too worried, especially if you feel depressed, seek professional help.
Swollen legs
Many women suffer from fluid retention during pregnancy, getting feet, ankles, legs, hands and /or swollen face. In general is something completely normal.
Stretch Marks
Unfortunately it is virtually impossible to avoid them. It should, however, use a good cream during pregnancy to minimize and remember that with time they will fade and not get so bad as it looks.
Make a plan for the birth
You can make a detailed plan for the birth with the kind of birth you want, what kind of anesthesia, which doctor, which midwife until I which music. However, you have to be flexible, the delivery can be unpredictable and things may have to happen differently. Do not worry too much about it, what matters is the arrival of the baby.
Do not panic with little things that are not worth it.
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