22, Fév 2022
If you want to travel with your baby you should look at your young traveling companion as someone who adds a new dimension and enriches all travel experiences.
Therefore it is important to adjust your expectations, trace realistic objectives, and face it all calmly.
Here are a few suggestions already tested by parents on the road.
Be flexible
Traveling with your baby can be an extraordinary experience if you face your plans with flexibility.
Set simple itineraries and a few activities for each day (ideally just one) so you have the possibility to make last minute adjustments with ease if the child becomes tired, or simply if you want to prolong a game more fun.
Many new sound and visual features simultaneously can over stimulate your baby, and those who already walk can be bored if they have to stay quiet for long periods of time without being able to run and explore the world at their own pace.
Choose a suitable destination for families
Browse destinations prepared and used to receive families so you don’t have to worry about the details. Avoid the crowds and excessive stimuli of tourist destinations, of areas without shadow or any other location constituting additional difficulties.
Take something to drink and something to eat
Take a sufficient reserve of water, breast milk or milk and a bag of small things to eat, appropriate to the age of the baby.
Remember to bring wet wipes to clean your baby easily.
Plan frequent stops to rest
If travelling by car, plan stops to rest and for the baby to move and stretch his legs. Take toys to make the trip interesting and fun, and ends the day on the road early, so that everyone has time to relax and unwind.
Make test travels
To find out what results when traveling and away from home, you can try preparing a longer trip with shorter trips. These experiences provide you information on what to bring, on how long the baby can sit and which toys work better.
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