Concord Rio

Ref: 20002.01


Améliorez les vacances de vos bébé, tandis que vous voyagez léger. Upababy loue Concord Rio, mettant à votre disposition où et quand vous en avez bes



Dépôt de garantie: 40 €

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With its exceptional design and interesting blend of materials featured crafted wood and aluminum, the baby rocker fits perfectly into any modern living environment. And in terms of funcionality and fittings, the baby rocker leaves nothing to be desired. There are four different seating and reclining positions, which can be adjusted according to the child’s activity level. When it is not being used, the Comcord Rio can be easily and quickly folded up and stored in the smallest corner.

Weight: 4,2Kg
Dimensions: L76 x W49 x H66 cm
Folded dimensions: L73 x W49 x H20 cm