Jeu et rêve III

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Améliorez les vacances de vos bébé, tandis que vous voyagez léger. Upababy loue Jeu et rêve III, mettant à votre disposition où et quand vous en avez besoin



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Lullaby Cloud + Safari Animals Fluffy House + Lion Mega Activity Mat + Musical Teddy
Up to 6 months
Suitable from birth, the toys in this set provide magical moments of tactile, visual, auditory and motor stimulation.
The Lullaby Cloud is a cot panel that soothes the baby and helps it fall sweetly asleep with lights and music. Two audio modes so as to give the newborn constantly new contents: MP3 player connection and pre-recorded melodies. Thanks to the sound sensor, the toy starts again automatically in the presence of sounds like a child crying. The starry sky and moon light up creating an enchanted atmosphere in the tenderest dream world. The various shapes and colors of the Animal Safari Fluffly House provide tactile and visual stimulation. The Lion Mega Activity Mat has many activities to amuse the baby and adapts to various stages of growth. The Musical Teddy cute bear moves its ears and smiling eyes to the sound of the music. A sweet melody relaxes and reassures the baby, as it develops musical skills.