22, Fév 2022
Several studies have shown that the best position for a newborn is sleeping on his back. This approach significantly reduces the sudden infant death syndrome.
According to the Portuguese Society of Pediatrics, “the occurrence of sudden death is rare in the first month of life, increases until a maximum value between 2 and 4 months and approximately 95% of cases occur before the 6 months of age. This usually happens at home, being the baby found lifeless in the cradle “.
On the site of this entity (www.spp.pt) you can read that “several epidemiological studies, including thousands of infants, demonstrate that the safest position to sleep is in dorsal decubitus. Advertising in favour of heading back to sleep, mortality reductions allowed between 20 and 67% with zero increase in the number of deaths by aspiration of vomit. “
For many years it was believed that babies should sleep face down to avoid running the risk of vomiting and choking. However it is known that when babies vomit they instantly turn their faces to the side. But still, the idea that it is better to put the babies face down at bedtime persists in the minds of many grandparents and many health professionals.
There are also advocates that babies should sleep on its side, but there are no studies to support properly this theory.
Therefore, the best position for the baby is sleeping on his back.
Sources: Portuguese society of Pediatrics, Parents & Children Magazine
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