Geuther Trixi blanc

Ref: 40003.01


Améliorez les vacances de vos bébé, tandis que vous voyagez léger. Upababy loue Geuther Trixi, mettant à votre disposition où et quand vous en



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Time for a nappy change? Folding down to a slender 19 cm, Trixi can be stored behind the wardrobe. When you need it, all you have to do is pull it out, set up the solid beech frame, and you‘re ready! Your little one will be nice and comfortable on the padded changing surface and will not wriggle off, thanks to the cushioned side guard.
Once you have finished, you can pack Trixi away again to be stored discreetly in the background.

W 56 x H 97 (117) x L 70 (19) cm
Height for nappy-changing 91 cm