Chicco key 2/3 polaris

Ref: 10008.01


Améliorez les vacances de vos bébé, tandis que vous voyagez léger. Upababy loue Chicco key 2/3 polaris, mettant à votre disposition où et quand vous en avez


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Key 2-3 is a car seat approved according to ECE R44/04 2-3 groups for children with a weight between 15 and 36 kg (2 to 12 years approximately). The two UltraFix connectors properly anchored to Isofix, increase stability of the seat when the child is transported and also when it goes empty.
Key 2-3 UltraFix has Adjustable Safety System: the system of independent adjustments in height and width that accompanies the growth always comfortable and safe travel. The Chair reclines with a simple gesture: simply press the button on the back seat and extract the support base of the backrest.

Dimensions: 47x46x71/85 cm
Weight: 5.3 kg