Chicco Baby Monitor Video Digital

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Améliorez les vacances de vos bébé, tandis que vous voyagez léger. Upababy loue Chicco Baby Monitor Video Digital, mettant à votre disposition où et quand v



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The Chicco Digital Video Baby Control is a wireless vídeo surveillance system that ensures you remain in clear and exclusive contact with your child indoors and outdoors. The digital technology used guarantees audio and video reception with a high level of protection against interference caused by analog devices. In fact, the baby control unit that uses digital technology, constantly monitors the connection between the units (child and parent) and immediately switches to a new channel as soon as it detects any interference. The reception capacity is around 150 metres in good range conditions without any obstacles.
The child unit (with image and sound transmitter function) is fitted with a nightlight, a colour video-camera, and an infrared illumination system to monitor the child. The video-camera can be oriented in all directions for optimal focus shots of the child.
The parent unit allows minders to hear and also view the baby on the 2 inch display.