22, Fév 2022
Discover the three signs which together show that your baby is ready to start solid foods. These three clear signals rarely appear together before 6 months. The baby is ready for solids if he can do all of the following three things:
1. Keeping in sitting position and be able to keep his head

2. Coordinate hands, eyes and mouth – to be able to look at food, grab it and put it in the mouth by himself

3. Swallow food (babies who is not ready for solids, often push the food out and get more food around their faces than in their mouths!)
Research shows that starting solid foods at the right time is important for the health of the baby, because his digestive system is still developing. If your baby seems interested in food, if he is feeding more frequently or waking up at night, does not always mean that he is ready for solids. It’s easy to misinterpret, so watch out for three signs to guide you.
Why you should not give your baby solid foods until he displays all 3 signals
We all want to make sure our babies are as healthy as possible. Research shows that feeding baby solid food before he is ready (around 6 months) may increase the risk of having digestive problems.
This is because the baby’s digestive system is under development, and although we cannot see it, it takes about 6 months for a baby’s digestive system to function properly, and be able to deal well with solid foods. Moreover, if you feed him with breast milk up to and beyond 6 months you are protecting him against infections.
You may have heard that you can start at 4 months, and some baby foods have the designation “from 4 months” on the label, but it is important to remember that the latest research recommends that about 6 months is the right time to start giving solid foods.

What if?
Do not worry if the baby starts waking up at night, when he already slept all night. He may have periods of feeling hungry (which may even be for other reasons, such as teething), but the extra milk is all he needs.
And do not worry about having enough milk if you are breastfeeding. Just feed your baby when hungry and your body will produce more milk to follow.
Waiting until the baby is ready means that very quickly he’ll be able to feed himself, which means you will not have to spend so much time feeding him with a spoon and can enjoy giving him finger food also .
And remember that you have to be with the baby when eating, to make sure he does not no choke.
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